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Why Wax Bolt Boxes from Enercon- Texpac?

Manufactured from waxed cardboard, these bolt boxes enable easy bolt location adjustment with minimum displacement of reinforcement and concrete. These waxed cones serve multiple purposes in construction.

Strength and reliability

Our wax cones are developed with precision and high quality raw materials to withstand the rigours of construction processes. At Texpac, quality is at forte, be it for textile cones or construction cones.

Water/ Moisture Resistant

Keeping in mind the possible wet and damp areas of usage of our cones, each cone undergoes multiple wax coating processes, making them prone against water and moisture.

Customisation options

Understanding the unique and diverse needs of different construction processes, Enercon- Texpac offers numerous customisation options regarding size or other specifications without a compromise in quality.

Environment and pocket friendly

Waxed construction cones by Enercon- Texpac create a win- win situation. Not only is it more cost effective than other traditional alternatives like plastic, it is also better for the environment.  Enercon- Texpac takes pride in its efforts towards sustainability and environmental well- being.

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