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Why paper cones from Enercon-Texpac?

Raw Material

Texpac produces cones with specially formulated cone board that is resistant to water.
This allows Texpac cones to be submitted to steaming processes after loading the yarn.
It contains no material or agent that may harm contaminate the yarn.

The Paper is free of tar, rubber or plastics that cause yarn to stick to the cone.

Its surface adhesiveness and even color can be printed.

Dimensional Accuracy

Texpac makes custom cones for any and all winding and spinning machines, including classic 5'57,4'20, 3'30, vez' conicities, as well as unique or rare tapers, diameters and lengths.

Spinning and winding operations are different in every yarn spinning factory. We can shape and design our cones for each operations depending on customer needs and requirements.

Guaranteed Tolerances

Our tolerance are plus or minus 1.0mm for the length of paper cones and plus or minus 0. 25mm for the nose and

Perfect Roundness

Most textile cone made by our competitors are slightly off - shape.
Oval cones will sit outside the groove in the winding adapter and may cause yarn breakage and equipment wear. Texpac cones are always perfectly round due to a high end automated process.

Technical Specifications

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